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Support the Sale of Property from the Asset Disposal List to the Langley Islamic Centre for Community Development

We the undersigned petition the council to request your consideration in allocating a property from the Council's Asset Disposal List to the Langley Islamic Centre.

We would like to reiterate that Slough, with its population of more than 50,000 Muslims, is known for its cultural diversity and welcoming environment. This vibrant Muslim community is an integral part of the local social fabric, contributing significantly to the cultural richness and respecting diversity of Slough.

For over ten years, the Langley Islamic Centre has served as a beacon of hope, unity, and community support. It has provided essential services such as places of worship, community outreach, promoting festivals, volunteering in health crises and educational resources.
Langley Islamic Centre (LIC) has been contributing in delivering these services from rented facilities provided by the Slough Borough Council.

However, we find ourselves at a point where the community services and prayer facilities are no longer adequate to cater to the growing needs of our expanding community. The demand for the allocated premises for Langley Islamic Centre is increasing, and the current facilities are not able to fully meet these needs in the current arrangements. Therefore, it is a much needed collective request for your assistance in providing a larger and suitable property for the Langley Islamic Centre so we can serve the community in more organized manner under the charity commission guidelines to help in education, youth activities and guidance for men, women & children with a base in the heart of Langley area.

We understand that the normal process for distributing properties from the Council's Asset Disposal List involves competitive bidding. However, considering the non-profit nature of the Centre and the valuable community service it offers, we would like to propose an alternative.

We respectfully request that the Council engage in a commercial discussion with the Langley Islamic Centre, based on the Council's and market assessment of the property, rather than initiating a bidding process.

This approach would ensure a fair and transparent negotiation process that recognises the Langley Islamic Centre's significant contribution to the community and its unique position as a non-profit organisation. It would also foster a continued strong partnership between the Langley Islamic Centre and the Slough Borough Council.

We trust in the Council's conscious commitment to support local communities and we also believe that allocating a property from the Asset Disposal List to the Langley Islamic Centre would significantly benefit the broader community.

We look forward to your favourable consideration of this request and thank you in advance for your support.

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This ePetition ran from 18/05/2023 to 06/08/2023 and has now finished.

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