Issue - decisions

Waste Options

08/07/2022 - Charging for Garden Waste Collection

It was agreed to:


(a)  Introduce a charge of £50 per year per 240L green wheeled bin for the collection of garden waste over 50 weeks (break for 2 weeks over Christmas). The 50 week period would start on the 1 November each year. The first year would commence on Tuesday 1 November 2022.


(b)  Existing 240L green wheeled bins which had already been allocated will remain with those households irrespective of whether the householder wished to pay for a future garden waste collection service, to keep costs to a minimum and to enable anyone who was a subscriber to the current free collections to be able to subscribe to the chargeable service easily should they later decide they wish to do so. But waste would only be collected from those households who have paid for the collection service. 


(c)  With effect from 1 August 2022, new subscribers to the Garden waste service would be charged £45 for provision of a green 240L wheeled bin which may be new or reconditioned (second hand).


(d)  A further report to come to September Cabinet setting out how we would reform and adapt our general waste and recyclables collection services, as part of the commitment in the Improvement & Recovery Plan to produce a comprehensive waste and recycling plan. This would include how best to position the authority to move to the standard waste collection model set out in the Environment Act 2021.