Committee details

Slough Outbreak Engagement Board

Purpose of committee

The role of the Slough Outbreak Engagement Board is to:

  • Lead engagement with the public regarding Covid risks and prevention
  • Endorse the Local Outbreak Plan and the accompanying communications plan.
  • Provide ongoing oversight of the Plan’s implementation.
  • Provide political ownership of the local response.
  • Proactively lead the communications and engagement in the event of a local incident.
  • Coordinate, where appropriate, with neighbouring authorities in the event of cross/near border local outbreaks.


Openness and transparency is crucial to the work of the Board and public involvement is welcomed. 


Questions can be submitted from the public two days in advance of a meeting and responses will be provided either at a meeting or in writing afterwards as appropriate. 


Please contact Democratic Services - to submit a question.



Contact information

Support officer: Manize Talukdar. 07871 982 919

Postal address:
Observatory House
25 Windsor Road

Phone: 07871 982 919