Agenda item

To Elect the Mayor for the 2023/24 Municipal Year


The Mayor called for nominations for the office of Mayor of the Borough of Slough for the ensuing municipal year.


Councillor Smith proposed and Councillor O’Kelly seconded the nomination of Councillor Abbasi.


A prior request having been made for the record of the voting –


There voted for the nomination:


Councillors Abbasi, E.Ahmed, I.Ahmed, Bedi, Chahal, Dauti, Dhillon, Iftakhar, Kelly, Khawar, Manku, Mohindra, Muvvala, Naveed, O’Kelly, Rana, Satti, Shah, Shaik, Smith, Stedmond, Tomar, Wright and Zarait………………….. 24


There voted against the nomination:


Councillors Akram, Anderson, Carter, Escott, Gahir, Gill, Hulme, Instone, Mann, Matloob, Mohammad, Nazir, Qaseem, J.Sabah and W.Sabah…….. 15


There abstained from voting:


Councillors Dar and Parmar (The Worshipful The Mayor) …………………..  2


The Chief Executive declared Councillor Abbasi elected Mayor of the Borough of Slough for the 2023/24 municipal year. Councillor Abbasi, having made and signed the requisite declaration of acceptance of office, was thereupon installed in the Chair.


(The Worshipful The Mayor, Councillor Abbasi, in the Chair)


Resolved – That Councillor Abbasi be elected as Mayor for the Municipal Year 2023/24.