Agenda item

Senior Management Restructure Report


The Associate Director, HR, introduced the report, which gave an update on progress made in recruitment to the senior management structure. The report detailed a number of senior appointments which had been made in the past 2 months. It also outlined that the two vacant posts of Chief Operating Officer and ED Strategy would be deleted (with no impact to staff as both positions were currently vacant) and merged to create a new Executive Director role called ED Strategy and Improvement.


The Associate Director also drew Members’ attention to the ‘Commissioner Review’ paragraph on page 1 of the report, highlighting that the comments made by Commissioners on the report showed that they shared some of the concerns previously expressed by the Committee, regarding the need to improve programme and performance management processes at all levels of the council in addition to the new senior management structure.


Some Members questioned where accountability would now lie with the new senior management structure and Chief Executive role. It was explained that this would be covered in the next report to follow; the Update on Performance Management for Chief Officers, with the appraisal process of the Chief Executive detailed within the report.


Resolved – That the Committee agreed to:


-  Note the contents of the report

-  Approve the changes to the chief officer structure proposed

-  Recommend this to full council for approval and the constitution be amended accordingly

-  Authorise the Chief Executive to make any further minor changes to the structure

-  Authorise the Monitoring Officer to make the necessary consequential changes to the Constitution.

Supporting documents: