Agenda item

Pay Policy Statement Update 2023/24


The Associate Director, HR, outlined the main points of the report, which provided Members with an update of the Pay Policy Statement for the year 2023/24 as requested by the Localism Act 2011. The information on Renumeration of Chief Officers presented in the table in paragraph 2 of Appendix A of the report included new posts created in the senior management restructure in July 2022.


The Associate Director also clarified that the information given in paragraph 4, page 58 of the report, on the ‘Relationship between the Renumeration of Chief Officers and our lowest paid employees’ would need to be updated and this information would be provided in due course.


Members’ main concerns were on the number of Chief Officers and senior staff positions which were currently covered on an interim or agency basis, at a very high daily rate, and suggested that getting these posts filled substantively should be a top priority. The Associate Director noted and acknowledged this, and confirmed that 2 of the positions were currently undergoing a recruitment process, and that the intention was to get all positions filled substantively if possible.


Resolved – That the Committee approved the Pay Policy Statement 2023/24, and to be formally approved by full council for publication. Also to delegate authority to the Monitoring Officer to make amendments to the draft pay policy for submission to full council to reflect any new appointments to Chief officer roles.

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