Agenda item

Private Hire Driver Licence Application (Reference 01-22)


Below is a summary of the agenda item discussed in Part II of the meeting.


The Chair explained the procedure for the hearing and confirmed that all parties had received a copy of the paperwork.


The Licensing Officer set out details of the report, reminding Members that an application for a private hire driver (PHD) licence was refused in June 2022. It was explained that following the hearing , the licensing team had received further information relevant to the application. The applicant was submitted to make a new application, which was received on 25th September 2022. Options available to the Sub-Committee were outlined. 


Members asked a number of questions regarding the online application process. The Licensing Officer confirmed it was clearly stated that details relating to any cautions and or convictions must be declared.


The Applicant submitted his reasons for applying for a PHD licence which included a summary of his application process.


Resolved – That Private Hire Driver Application (Reference 01-22) be approved.