Agenda item

Temporary Workers Report


The Employee Relations and Policy Manager outlined the main points of the report, which members were requested to note. The report covered the Q1 period (April – June 2022), spend for this period on temporary workers was £4.1m. This showed an increase in spend due to the high number of staff leaving during this period, and May being a 5 week month..


A question was asked regarding the contract the council had for temporary workers, and it was explained that a review exercise was due to be undertaken to ensure value for money, and in terms of scrutiny of the contract this was subject to the council’s procurement rules and procedures.


Further details were requested on the figures for agency workers appointed during the reporting period, at what level they were appointed and also on the key activity to reduce agency spend. The Employee Relations and Policy Manager agreed to provide further detail on these points in the next report to the Committee.


Concerns were also raised by some members on the cost to the Council of training temporary workers, with figures on directorate-specific costs of training requested, and also the need to have a better perspective on the overall appointment of agency staff from one quarter to the next.


In terms of progress it was outlined that there had been a focus on recruiting full-time staff, and the council had made good progress on this in a difficult market. There had also been much work done on procurement and contract management, with around £1.5m having been made in savings.


At the conclusion of the discussion the report was noted.


Resolved – that the report be noted.

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