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Members' Attendance at Meetings and Training 2009/2010


In accordance with the instructions of the Council at its meeting on 25th April, 2006 a record of elected Members’ attendance at Council, Committee, Sub-Committee, Panel and Outside Bodies meetings and Member training sessions during the municipal year 2009/2010 was submitted for consideration.


During consideration of the Report there was a discussion on the presentation of Member attendance at compulsory training sessions.  A Member indicated that he had attended all his required compulsory sessions but his record did not reflect this.  The Member Services Manager advised that the record of the number of compulsory sessions Members were called to attend included those which they failed to attend on the first or in some cases second time of asking.  These missed sessions were included to differentiate the performance of Members who missed sessions from those Members who attended their sessions on the first time of asking.  Having to repeat training sessions was time consuming and a poor use of resources but this was unavoidable when attendance at Committee/Sub-Committee meetings was dependent on the Member having undergone the required training.  Notwithstanding this, it was agreed that there should be a separate additional record to show the number of training sessions Members were required to attend as well as the number they were called to attend. 


The Member Services Manager reported that two Members had submitted their Outside Bodies feedback forms after the Standards Committee Agenda had been published and that this information together with other minor amendments identified during consideration of the Report would be incorporated prior to its submission to Council on the 30th November, 2010.


Attention was drawn to the need for Members to keep an accurate record of attendances at meetings of Outside Bodies and some Members gave their view that it was unacceptable to submit estimates or no details at all of their attendance. 


Concern was expressed at the poor attendance of some Members at meetings of Outside Bodies to which they had been appointed to represent the Council and Members questioned whether those with poor attendance records should continue to be appointed to serve on such bodies. 


Resolved –


(a)  That the Member attendance records for 2009/2010 be noted and the Report incorporating the amendments now identified together with the observations of the Committee thereon be submitted to the Council Meeting on 30th November, 2010.


(b)  That the format for recording Member attendance at compulsory training be amended in the future to show the number of sessions Members were required to attend, the number they were called to attend and the number of sessions they actually attended. 



(c)  That in recommending Members to serve as the Council’s representative on Outside Bodies, the Group Leaders should have regard to the Members’ previous attendance records and consider whether Members’ with poor attendance should be reappointed.

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