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Standards Committee Work Programme 2009/2010


The Officers submitted for consideration the Committee’s revised Work Programme for 2009/2010. 


In considering the programme attention was drawn to the Members’ Training Programme and the need to address the issue of Members’ behaviour at meetings.  The Member Services Manager indicated that guidance on meeting etiquette could be incorporated into the Member training session on ‘Council and Committees’ scheduled to be held on 17th May, 2010 and the general issue of Members’ behaviour at meetings could also be addressed at the session on the Local Code of Conduct to be held on 12th May, 2010. 


The Chair of the Committee referred to a recent report of the Audit Commission in which it had suggested that the Council should more widely publicise the work of the Standards Committee and intimated that there was additional work/issues which the Committee needed to address.  The Borough Secretary and Solicitor was seeking clarification of both these matters from the Audit Commission and it was suggested that the Committee’s Work Programme should be amended to incorporate any recommendations from the Audit Commission. 


Resolved -  That the current work programme for 2009/2010 now submitted  be noted.

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