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Cabinet Urgency procedure - Leader's Action - Monday, 30th October, 2023 2.00 pm

Venue: Leader's Office, Observatory House, 25 Windsor Road, SL1 2EL

Contact: Nicholas Pontone  01753 875120

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Procurement of Replacement of Fleet Vehicles pdf icon PDF 194 KB


The Leader of the Council considered a report that set out the approach the Council would be taking on fleet vehicles for the Direct Service Organisation (DSO) to undertake grounds and highways maintenance, and street cleansing services.


Since 2017 the Council had been leasing a fleet of 37 vehicles, but this contract was due to terminate at the end of November 2023 for 32 vehicles and the remaining 5 in November 2024.  On 17th July 2023 Cabinet approved the leasing of 32 diesel powered vehicles from Dawsons for 60 months (5 years) from December 2023 at a total of £367,953 per annum, and the leasing of 4 diesel powered vehicles from Dawsons for 60 months (5 years) from December 2024 at a total of £159,152 per annum.


Officers had since reviewed the fleet requirements for the service and the cost implications of the 17th July decision, and for the reasons set out in the report, now recommended that the Council should proceed with a short-term contract lease with Dawsons.  Officers would bring a report to Cabinet in December 2023 to set out the longer term approach to purchasing vehicles to reduce the revenue spend for the service. This approach would ensure continuity of the service but still provide future cost saving options for the Council and the service.


An urgent decision was required before the next scheduled Cabinet meeting and it was not necessary or practical to call a special Cabinet meeting.  The decision was urgent on the grounds that it was would be prejudicial to the Council’s interests if a decision was delayed as a contract needed to be awarded by the end of October 2023 to ensure vehicles were available from 1st December 2023.


The proposed decision was being considered under paragraph 2.11 (urgency procedure – Leader’s Action) of Part 4.4 of the Executive Procedure Rules as set in the Constitution.


Prior to taking the decision, it was confirmed that:


·  The Lead Member for Transport, Housing, Highways, The Environment and Environmental Services had been consulted and supported the recommendations;

·  The Leader had considered whether a special meeting of the Cabinet be convened to consider this matter, but had decided that this was not practical given the reason for urgency and the need to agree a new contract by the end of October 2023 to avoid any disruption to the provision of services.

·  It was noted that the relevant notice of a key decision had been published.

·  The Chair of the Corporate Improvement Scrutiny Committee had agreed that call-in be waived, noting the report on the longer term approach would come to Cabinet in December and be open to Member scrutiny.


The Leader considered the report that had been published. It was noted that Best Value Commissioners supported the recommendation.


After due consideration, the Leader agreed the recommendations to enter into a new one-year vehicle contract lease with the new supplier to ensure continuity of service, noting that a report on the longer term approach and future cost saving options would come to Cabinet in December 2023.


Resolved –


(a)  Approved entering into a new one-year vehicle contract lease with the new supplier Dawson Group Environmental Municipal Civil Limited (Dawsons);


(b)  Delegated authority to the Executive Director of Regeneration, Housing & Environment, in consultation with the Executive Director of Finance and Commercial, to sign the contract with Dawsons;


(c)  Noted that officers would bring a further report to Cabinet in December 2023 setting out longer term options for purchasing a second-hand fleet of vehicles or other mixed procurement options that fit needs as necessary and after a review of the fleet requirements to achieve further efficiencies.