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Slough Wellbeing Board Annual Report

Meeting: 18/10/2022 - Slough Wellbeing Board (Item 52)

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The SBC Strategy & Policy Lead gave a brief overview of the Board’s Annual Report, 2021-22.


Following a comment from the Chair regarding workstreams relating to the four priority areas contained in the Board’s strategy and how the Board could be more effective, the SBC Strategy & Policy Lead stated that at a recent informal ICB (integrated Care Board) event discussions had focussed on not duplicating work across partner organisations. 


He added that the wider determinants of health and wellbeing could become a key focal point for the Board’s activities.  The Board could reassess its strategy following the final release of the latest census data in November.


The SBC Director of Adults stated that the CQC had released thirty-six quality statements in relation to what constituted ‘good’ as a benchmark.  These would form the basis for delivering joint health and care systems going forward.  He added that forty-seven thousand people in Slough were living in poverty deciles 2 and 3 and it was important to be mindful of the wider determinants of health when planning service delivery.


The SBC Deputy Director of Public Health advised that the partnership Board would look into how levels of poverty in Slough compared to the rest of Frimley.  ‘Priority one – Starting Well’ was being refreshed by Frimley and the new lead appointed to the public health team would be focussing on workplace health.  He would look at opportunities for the Board to be involved in this work.


The Vice Chair advised that Slough had three times the number of people living in deciles one, two and three (seventeen thousand of whom were children) in comparison to the rest of the Frimley area. The wider partnership would be looking to the Board to lead the way in supporting vulnerable families and children.


Resolved - That the report be noted.