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E-Petition for Review and Reversion of the Bi-Weekly Bin Collection Policy in Slough

We the undersigned petition the council to Reversion of the Bi-Weekly Bin Collection Policy in Slough

Dear Slough Borough Council and all concerned parties,

We, the undersigned residents of Slough, are reaching out with a serious concern regarding the recent alterations to our local waste management services. The newly implemented policy, which dictates an alternating fortnightly collection schedule for red and black bins, rather than our former weekly collection system, has become a point of significant distress for our community. This change has brought about numerous challenges and raised crucial health and environmental concerns that we believe require your immediate attention.

The new policy inadvertently allows waste to accumulate for twice as long as before, leading to a multitude of issues. Residents are increasingly troubled by the unpleasant odours emanating from the piled-up waste, the heightened potential for vermin infestation, and an unmanageable overflow of waste, especially in larger households. These problems, apart from being mere inconveniences, pose a serious threat to public health, while also disrupting the cleanliness and tranquility of our community.

Moreover, it is worth noting that this new policy could inadvertently incentivize littering and illegal waste disposal due to the lack of capacity to hold two weeks' worth of waste. This not only tarnishes the aesthetic appeal of our beloved town but also poses an escalating threat to local wildlife and the broader environment.

In our plea for you to reassess this policy change, we would like to draw your attention to the recently published guidance on weekly bin collections by the UK Government. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles, in this guidance, debunks several misconceptions that have been used to rationalize the reduction in waste collection services' frequency. He further argues that weekly rubbish collections are among the most tangible services that residents receive in return for their Council Tax and that they rightfully deserve a thorough weekly service.

Mr. Pickles also emphasises that several local authorities, such as Bournemouth Borough Council, Lewes District Council, and Ribble Valley Council, have innovatively maintained weekly collections while also improving their recycling rates. This clearly indicates that it is possible to harmonize effective waste management with eco-conscious practices.

Given this context, we strongly believe that reverting to the weekly bin collection service is not only feasible but also in the best interest of our community. A weekly collection schedule ensures a higher standard of hygiene, aids in maintaining the cleanliness of our streets, provides a more manageable waste disposal system for households, and aligns with the governmental guidance and examples set by other local authorities.

We fully understand the complexities and pressures that the council faces, especially during these challenging times. However, ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment is a commitment that must not be compromised. Therefore, we respectfully request that the Slough Borough Council seriously revisit this policy change and consider reinstating the weekly bin collection service.

By signing this e-petition, we collectively lend our voices to this crucial matter. We wholeheartedly thank you for your attention and sincerely look forward to a positive response. Together, let us work towards ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and more environmentally-friendly Slough for all residents.

This ePetition ran from 03/07/2023 to 31/08/2023 and has now finished.

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Council response

Holding Response:
The Council has now closed the online petition (31st August) relating to “the return to weekly bin collections”. The Council process for online petitions, is that once a petition has received 1,500 signatures it will be referred to Full Council for a debate. At the close of the consultation 2,103 residents had signed the petition, therefore triggering a debate at full council. In accordance with procedures, full council will now discuss the matter on 28th September 2023 (which is “live” streamed) with recommendations back to Cabinet to consider.

I cannot respond at this moment to the petition due to the meeting on 28th but can say that the council does accept that there have been real issues for residents in the change of service and we are working to iron these out and to improve the service. We are exploring options on how best to help our residents increase what can go to the recycling centre in Colnbrook and hence also reduce the cost for the council and our residents.

A copy of the report will be published online which will be the basis of the discussion and can be viewed five working days before the meeting on the Council website - Council on Thursday 28th September, 2023 at 7.00pm.
Democratic Services will be in touch in due course to discuss arrangements for the meeting.