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Abandon planned closure of day centres

We the undersigned petition the council to abandon the plans of closing down the day centres and short break service for people with learning disability and/or autism.

The day service and short break service centres are vital for people with learning disabilities and autism. They provide social interactions, fun, learning, SAFETY and STABILITY in a way which cannot be replaced by the alternative arrangements the council proposes.
There is no other adequate place in Slough for people with learning disabilities and autism.
The parents and carers of service users care for the disadvantaged people with disabilities often for their entire life. Closing down the reliable day care offered by the day centres and replacing it with often inadequate alternatives will simply create massive problems for people who are already on the edge of mental breakdown following the long period of closure due to Covid.
The people with learning disabilities/autism are some of the most vulnerable members of the community. They and their parents/carers need help. Please sign this petition to request the council to abandon the closure plans and to reopen the day centres and the short break service. We request that the council restores the service to the level offered before the Covid related closures.

This ePetition ran from 22/07/2021 to 19/08/2021 and has now finished.

804 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

The contents of the petition ‘Abandon planned closure of day centres’ have been noted.

It is recognised that people with learning disabilities and autism are some of the most vulnerable members of the community and that carers require assistance to enable them to continue to support their loved one.

The e-petition highlights the importance of social interaction, fun, learning, safety, stability, and reliability as well as breaks for carers.

We are confident that we can work with local people to identify ways to achieve these outcomes that do not include the council directly providing the services.

Subject to Cabinet agreement, all people who use the services affected will be involved in a full assessment of need and go through the process of working with professionals and providers in the wider market to identify ways to meet assessed need. This process will include Carers Assessment.

We are also keen to work with existing and new providers to co-produce personalised outcomes with people and this will form an important part of our support planning process.

We are committed to enabling vulnerable people and their carers to achieve personalised outcomes via solutions they have been part of the design of.