Issue - decisions

Re-procurement of Adult Social Care Domiciliary Care Contracts

10/06/2022 - Re-procurement of Adult Social Care Domiciliary Care Contracts

1.  Agreed to the award of contracts to 9 suppliers for the provision of domiciliary care.  This will be to suppliers 1,9,10,13,15,16,19, 22 and 24. Full details were contained at Exempt Appendix A.


2.  Agreed to the issuing of contract extensions and variations to existing tranche 1 providers who did not bid for new contracts, for a six month period until16 January 2023.  This would enable providers to continue to work with up to 155 service users whilst alternative arrangements are put in place, but not to take on new referrals


3.  Noted that lessons learned from the tendering process relating to tranche 1 would be built into arrangements concerning the tendering process for tranche 2 .


4.  Delegated authority to the Executive Director for People (Adults) in consultation with the Lead Member for Public Health and Social Care to have oversight of the mobilisation period and to be kept apprised of changes in the local adult social care market.