Issue - decisions

Library Service

13/03/2022 - Slough Library Service Plan and new delivery model

a.  That the strategic service plan for Slough library services (2022 to 2027) (Appendix C to the report) be agreed.


b.  That it be agreed to reduce the current library publication budget from £220,500 to £90,000 per annum to align our spend just within the CIPFA most similar group rather than towards the top of it.


c.  That it be agreed that for a minimum period of 12 months the library service operates from the current buildings in which libraries are accommodated (Langley Library, Cippenham Library, Britwell Hub and The Curve) with a reduction in the opening hours and hours when specialist library staff will be in attendance as described in paragraph 2.19 of the report.


d.  Agreed that an interim report be brought back to Cabinet by December 2022 and a full report in 12 months to provide an update and make recommendations for future options to deliver library services within the Council’s current constrained financial position.