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Work Programme 2007/2009


The Member Services Manager submitted for information the Standards Committee’s latest work programme which covered the period April, 2007 to January 2009.


Attention was drawn to the fact that it had not been possible to submit to this meeting the report on proposed local arrangements for the “local filter” for handling complaints as the relevant enabling Regulations had still not been published by the Department of Communities and Local Government.  The Director of Law and Corporate Governance advised the Committee that the Regulations were expected to be published within the next week or so.  As soon after receipt of the new Regulations as practicable, a special meeting of the Committee would be called to consider proposed arrangements for implementation of the local filter for handling complaints.  At this meeting the Committee would also be asked to review its terms of reference in the light of any changes necessitated by the implementation of the local managed framework.


The Committee was also advised that submission of the report on gifts and hospitality declared by Members had been deferred to the 16th June, 2008 meeting.  This would enable a report to be submitted for the whole of the municipal year 2007/8.  It would also cover the period since the revised Code of Conduct required all Members to  register gifts and hospitality of over £25 in value as a personal interest in the Register of Members’ Interests.


Resolved  -  That the position be noted.

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