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Senior Management Restructure Update


The Associate Director Human Resources introduced the report. At the previous Committee in July the Executive Director Corporate Resources and the Monitoring Officer had taken the Committee through the proposed senior management restructure and why it was needed, this was now an update on progress so far on the restructure and recruitment at senior management level. As proposed there was a new directorate structure in place and a number of appointments had been made at senior level including Chief Operating Officer, Monitoring Officer, Head of Communications and Resident Engagement, and several Executive Director positions.


One correction was noted by the Associate Director Human Resources; that page 10 of the report stated that the vacant role of AD Community would be deleted and a new role of Head of Service, Community created. This was incorrect, as the AD Community role would continue and there would not be a new Head of Service, Community role created.


Some members expressed concern that while recruitment had taken place, some of this was on a temporary or seconded basis and there was still frustration that full recruitment of all positions had not been achieved. The AD HR explained that this update was being brought to the Committee to show how much progress had been made after just 3 months, whereas it had initially been stated that an update would be provided after 6-9 months. Recruitment had so far gone well in a difficult labour market, and senior managers hoped to continue with this success.


Concerns were also raised by members that recruitment was needed at lower levels of Council structure as well as senior management, as this was where residents interacted with the Council and recruitment and improvement was needed here too. The AD acknowledged the point made and outlined that work was already underway on this with finance and ICT restructuring which had covered all levels. Members also requested more information on recruitment and more support being available for members in the scrutiny function of the Council, and the AD HR agreed to find out more information about recruitment on this, and also agreed that there may be a need to bring back a more general report on recruitment at all levels to a future Committee.


Another concern for members was the funding for some of the new positions, which was only in place for the next two years, the Chair asked the AD HR to note members’ concern about this, and that more thinking needed to be done with regard to the funding situation beyond 2024.


At the conclusion of the discussion the report was noted.


Resolved – that the contents of the report be noted.




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