Agenda item

Meeting Procedure


A suggested procedure for the budget debate had been circulated to Members in the supplementary agenda.


It was moved by Councillor Swindlehurst,

Seconded by Councillor Mann,


“That in accordance with procedure rule 27.1, Rule 16.5 on rules of debate be suspended insofar as is necessary to enable the procedure as circulated to be adopted and that the Council consent to:


  • Members of the Leadership speaking for up to 45 minutes in total on the budget agenda items;
  • Members of the Opposition speaking for up to 20 minutes in total on the same items;
  • Independent Member speaking for up to 5 minutes in total, and
  • To vary the agenda items, to enable consideration of the Capital Programme first, followed by the Treasury Management Strategy and then the Revenue Budget.”


The procedural motion, including variation of order of agenda items, was put and carried. 


Resolved  – That the proposed procedure for the budget debate and variation of order of agenda items be approved and adopted.


The Leader of the Council and Lead Members for Transport, Planning & Place; Leisure, Culture & Communities; Financial Oversight, Council Assets &

Performance; Regulation and Public Protection; Housing & Environment; Children’s Services, Lifelong Learning & Skills and Social Care and Public Health; provided details on the budget overview, savings, growth and pressures relating to each of their portfolios.  


(Councillor Bedi left the meeting)


Members of the Conservative Group spoke on the budget agenda items, highlighting the seriousness of the financial challenge facing the Council.