Agenda item

Members' Development Programme 2020/21 Update


The Organisational Development Officer introduced a report that provided an update on the current work of the Members’ Development Task and Finish Group.


During July 2020 a survey had been circulated to Members to gauge their learning and development needs - 70% of Members submitted a response.  The findings of the survey indicated that the training programme should be tailored, depending on the role, experience and learning needs of each councillor.  Members had also indicated that they would find a mix of learning styles and training delivery beneficial.

The Chair then invited comments and questions from Members.


During the course of the discussion, the following points were raised:


  • Members were keen for progress to be made to establish a training programme and concern was raised that any unspent training budget would be lost if not used. 
  • It was noted that Members were due to received new IT equipment and it was asked if any training would be provided.  It was confirmed that an external organisation would be providing IT training to Members and the cost would not be taken from the Members’ training budget.
  • Concern was raised that the Council’s transformation process had delayed the roll out of Member training.  It was noted that the Local Government Association Peer Review had highlighted the importance of a robust Member training programme to support councillors to fulfil their roles.
  • It was requested that a variety of training methods be used to engage Members, rather than information being delivered solely via PowerPoint presentations. 


Resolved – That the report be noted.

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