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Temporary Agency Staff Progress on Implementation and Baseline Monitoring


The Committee received a report on temporary agency staff.  It was noted that the full year figures to the end of March 2018 were not yet available and this would be provided at a later date.


Information previously requested by Members in relation to the number of placements exceeding two years in the Chief Executive’s department was provided as was an initial analysis of the net cost of using agency staff against existing staffing budgets.  It was estimated that agency costs were approximately 18% higher than they would have been if existing staff had been used although further detailed work would be needed to complete this analysis.  Members were also reminded that agency staff were often the most appropriate option in a number of instances such as one off projects or to cover sick leave.  The Committee noted the initial estimate of net costs and it was agreed that a more detailed analysis would be considered when the work had been completed.


Members also discussed the steps in place to continue to reduce spend on agency staff and it was responded that the right actions were in place across the Council, however, the figures could rise in future reports for reasons including the staffing model inherited by the Direct Services Organisation delivering the Environmental Services Contract where temporary cover was an important operational requirement.


At the conclusion of the discussion, the report was noted and it was agreed to receive further information on the Quarter 4 position and net cost in due course.


Resolved –


(a)  That the update be noted.


(b)  The further information be circulated on the Matrix placements to the Fourth Quarter of 2017-18 and the net cost of temporary agency staff.

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