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Standards Committee Work Programme 2009/2010


The Officers submitted for consideration the Committee’s revised work programme for the Committee for 2009/2010.


The Committee was advised that training on revisions to the Local Code of Conduct and Members’ obligations and responsibilities as representatives of the Council on Outside Bodies, originally scheduled to be held before the end of November 2009, had not yet been arranged as publication of new regulations by the Government was still awaited.


Consideration of the new national Code of Conduct  for Employees had also been deferred as publication of the Code by the Government was also still awaited.  In the revised work programme submitted consideration of this Code had been scheduled for the Committee’s meeting in March 2010 in the hope that the new Code would be published by that date.  However, there was no certainty that this would happen and the matter might have to be deferred yet again.


Resolved  That the current work programme for 2009/2010 now submitted be noted. 



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