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This page lists the meetings for Council.


Information about Council

All 42 elected councillors meet about seven or eight times a year as a full Council. There are a number of decisions which can only be made by full council. These include the setting of the budget and the level of Council Tax and decisions on certain other key plans and policies. The Council also receives recommendations from Cabinet and Committees for consideration.


There is provision for members of the public to ask questions at ordinary Council meetings.  A resident may ask the Leader, Cabinet Member, Chairs or Group Leaders questions relating to any Council Policy.  The first five questions received will receive a verbal answer at the meeting, if the elector is present.


A question may only be asked if notice has been given by delivering it in writing, facsimile or by electronic mail to the Head of Democratic Services no later than 10.00 am on the fourth working day before the day of the meeting.  Each question must give the name and address of the questioner and must name the Member/Chair to whom it is to be put.  It must comply with the Council Procedure Rules .


To submit a question you can email Democratic Services.  Further details are available from Shabana Kauser on 07821 811 259.