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Corporate Improvement Scrutiny Committee

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Information about Corporate Improvement Scrutiny Committee

Corporate Improvement Scrutiny Committee (CISC)


This Committee was established in 2023, succeeding the Overview & Scrutiny Committee, to focus on supporting delivery of the Council’s recovery and improvement programme.  It scrutinises a range of policy, financial and performance issues and makes reports and recommendations to the Cabinet or full Council.


The Committee also scrutinises the implementation of the community and corporate performance plans, as well as investigating broad policy matters, including reviewing decisions taken or to be taken by the cabinet or Chief Officers under delegated powers.


The Committee is responsible for co-ordinating the consideration of ‘member call-ins' where a Councillor requests that a particular issue is considered.


The CISC sets up task and finish groups to look into issues in more detail and provide reports and recommendations to the main committee, which may then refer issues on to Cabinet or other decision makers in the Council.