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Cabinet Commercial Sub-Committee

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Information about Cabinet Commercial Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Cabinet Commercial Sub-Committee is to maximise existing and future commercial and business development opportunities within Slough Borough Council.


The Sub-Committee’s remit is to:


·  Implement a Commercial Strategy and develop an Action Plan that brings together all existing commercial activities including (but not limited to) Slough Urban Renewal (SUR), the Strategic Acquisition Board (SAB), the Council's Housing Companies (including DISH), the proposed Environmental Services Trading Company and other new commercial activities that arise.


·  Oversee the ‘commercial’ strand of the Council’s ongoing Transformation Programme to ensure it complies with the Committee’s Guiding Principles’.


·  Consider business plans and business cases linked to new commercial activities and make recommendations to Cabinet or full Council, as appropriate.


·  Monitor and review agreed performance targets from each commercial function and recommend action as required. 


·  Review proposed land acquisition and/or property investment proposals, taking into account the extent to which the proposition fulfils the Council's policy objectives against a set of agreed criteria.


·  Make strategic land acquisition decisions on behalf of the Council in line with processes agreed via the Strategic Acquisition Board (SAB).


·  Report acquisitions to Cabinet.


·  Oversee the development, and monitor progress, against the Council’s 15-year financial plan.