Agenda and minutes

Trustee Committee - Tuesday, 11th October, 2022 6.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Observatory House, 25 Windsor Road, SL1 2EL. View directions

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Declarations of Interest

All Members who believe they have a Disclosable Pecuniary or other Interest in any matter to be considered at the meeting must declare that interest and, having regard to the circumstances described in Section 9 and Appendix B of the Councillors’ Code of Conduct, leave the meeting while the matter is discussed.


Agenda item 5 refers: Cllr Brooker declared he was a Councillor for Langley and Kedermister Ward.


Agenda item 6 refers: Cllr Matloob declared he was a Councillor for Baylis and Stoke Ward.


Minutes of the meeting held on 28th March 2022 pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Resolved – that the minutes of the meeting held on 28th March 2022 be held as a correct record.


The Salt Hill Playing Fields Trust Sports Provision at Salt Hill Park pdf icon PDF 125 KB


The Neighbourhoods, Learning and Leisure officer introduced the report, which outlined changing the mix of sport provision at Salt Hill Park. GDTennis Slough Ltd proposed to convert 2 tennis courts to an all-weather football pitch, and increase the indoor area of the clubhouse without increasing the overall footprint of the building, and sought Committee Members views on this proposal. If Committee Members were content officers would have further discussions with GDTennis to bring forward a more detailed plan to a future Committee meeting.


Members were broadly supportive of the proposals, with some concerns raised over whether the original covenants of the Trust Deed around competitive sports would be compromised, and also the impact on car-parking space. The officer advised that the Trust deeds would need to be looked at in detail to check on specific covenants, with advice from the Legal Adviser, while car-parking would be addressed in any further detailed report. Members asked for a copy of the Trust deeds and the Legal Adviser and Democratic Services Officer agreed to look into this.


Members agreed that an independent surveyors report plus valuation would also need to be obtained if the lease extension requested by GDTennis was over seven years in length beyond the current lease end date of 2030. The terns of the lease would also need to be agreed along with assurance that the facility would be left in good order on termination of the lease.


The Committee agreed with the report recommendations with the stipulation that an independent report must also be obtained if needed, and the covenant deeds should also be checked.


Resolved – That the Trustee Committee:


1.  Agreed that GDTennis Slough Ltd should bring forward proposals in relation to Salt Hill Playing Fields to:


i)  Convert 2 tennis courts t an all-weather football pitch

ii)  Increase the indoor area of the club-house without increasing the footprint of the building


Subject to GDTennis Slough Ltd securing the necessary permissions and agreements.


2.  Noted that the proposals may include an extension to the current lease agreement between Salt Hill Playing Fields Trust and GDTennis Ltd beyond the current end date of May 2030.


3.  Asked officers to bring back a further report on the proposals to a future meeting of the Trustee Committee.


Glyndwr Outdoor Centre - Allocation of Proceeds pdf icon PDF 862 KB


The Development Manager outlined that the report asked Committee Members for a steer on how to use funds from the sale of Glyndwr Outdoor Centre. The Development Manager had held discussions with Parks, Communities and Education teams and the options outlined in the report were the outcome of these discussions.


Three options were suggested in the report:


a)  Using the income for a capital project such as installation of play equipment, this would probably be limited to one park with the budget available, plus an allowance covering ongoing maintenance costs for approximately 15 years. One possible option would be to locate the facilities at Arbour Vale School and the school would then maintain the equipment.

b)  Using the income for revenue projects, and invite bids for funding from eligible community groups.

c)  Transferring to another charity with similar objectives.


The Development Manager re-stated the aims of the Trust to support ‘education, recreation and leisure time activities for boys and girls having need of such facilities’.


Members were concerned that the borough currently lacked facilities available in public parks for children with special needs, and agreed that a Capital scheme would be more beneficial than revenue, also noting the Commissioners concerns in the report around limited revenue options.


There was a discussion on locating facilities in Arbour Vale School, with some members having concerns on the limited availability and accessibility of putting equipment within a school setting in a single location. Members felt there would be more value in having equipment in a public place or places where it would be accessible to all, and where families would be able to go together with children whatever their needs being able to play in the same space together.


Following discussion members agreed to explore options for spending the capital available on putting equipment of a specialist nature in existing parks around the borough, with the any remaining funding used for ongoing maintenance of the equipment.


Resolved – That the Committee instructed officers to explore the following option and bring back recommendations to the next meeting:


a)  Consider utilisation of the income for a capital project such as installation of play equipment


Update on High Street, Langley - Widening and Junction Improvement Works and the Langley Memorial Park footpath and landscaping works pdf icon PDF 657 KB


The Parks manager outlined the report which gave an update on the works on High Street Langley and Langley Memorial Park. The project was nearing completion with just roadworks to finish off. The millennium memorial was erected last week, and new fencing and new lighting were in place, with positive effect.

Members had two main concerns which were the condition of some of the trees and a strip of land by the carriageway which had previously been grass but was not looking healthy. The Parks manager advised that the trees had been watered by contractors and by residents, and officers would monitor going forward and look at replacing them if necessary; and also that the strip of land in question was due to be re-seeded in the near future, and he would chase up on this. A member also asked about the possibility of recouping some of the utilities costs and the Parks manager advised that he would also follow up on this with colleagues.

At the conclusion of the discussion the Committee agreed to note the Langley highways widening and the Langley Memorial Park construction work updates with 3 conditions:

  1. That there was an ongoing plan in place to monitor and if necessary replace trees in the park
  2. That the verge by the carriageway was seeded as soon as possible
  3. That highway debris in the area be removed

The Committee requested a further update be provided to the January Committee meeting on these points.

Resolved – The Committee noted the Langley highways widening and the Langley Memorial Park construction work updates.



Baylis Memorial Garden - Update on Memorial Improvement Works pdf icon PDF 114 KB


The Parks manager outlined the main points of the update report. The memorials would be complete and in position by Remembrance Day in November. Planting of a small shrub area around the memorial was also in progress.

Questions from members were raised on potential funding for the works from outside bodies, and CCTV coverage and costs. The Parks manager advised that lottery funding had initially been expected but this was withdrawn during the Covid pandemic. Funding form a national war memorial charity had not been pursued as the works were by then largely complete, but members advised this still may be worth pursuing and the Parks manager agreed to do so.

On CCTV this was currently being reviewed across the borough, the CCTV in Baylis Park was currently being monitored but whether this would be continued would be subject to the findings of the review. The Committee advised this may be something to consider when setting the next annual budget.

During discussions Committee members also requested a press release on completion of the War Memorial refurbishment so that residents were informed of the work that had been done, and also re-planting within the memorial area similar to planting that had been completed at Uxbridge road memorial. The Parks manager agreed to action these recommendations.

Resolved – the Committee noted the update on refurbishment works.


Date of the Next Meeting - 31st January 2023


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 31st January 2023.


An agenda items for the next meeting was noted as:


-  Annual income and expenditure report  for all Trusts