Agenda and minutes

Agreed Syllabus Conference - Wednesday, 12th October, 2011 4.30 pm

Venue: Committee Room 2, Town Hall, Bath Road, Slough

Contact: Simon Fullwood - 01753 875015 

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Election of Chair


Resolved:- That Lynda Bussley be elected Chair for the year 2011/12.




Update on syllabus review - Jo Fageant


Jo Fageant, Chair of the Slough SACRE, updated the Conference on the ongoing syllabus review. Six SACREs in the local area have agreed to a shared review. A working party of teachers from all Key Stages had met in the Autumn, with faith groups due to meet in the Spring. The main point emerging from discussions with teachers was that no major changes to the syllabus were required. It had been suggested that the new syllabus be “slimmed down”, and rather than have a number of guiding ‘key questions’ for each different faith, there would be seven question that would apply to all faiths at Key Stage 1 and ten at Key Stage 2. The new focus for the syllabus would be ‘Believing, Behaving, Belonging’.


It was noted that no representative from schools in Slough had attended these forums, and it was advised that the Local Authority both make sure that Slough is represented, and that representatives from Slough attend meetings for faith groups in the Spring.


Date of next meeting


It was confirmed that the next meeting would be on 8th February, directly following the meeting of the SACRE.