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Evolving Role of BLTB and BSTF

Meeting: 14/07/2022 - Berkshire Local Transport Body (Item 7)

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The Chief Executive of the LEP introduced a report that outlined the way in which the role and function of the Berkshire Local Transport Body could evolve in future.


Consideration of the future role of BTLB was appropriate in view of the Government’s review of LEPs and the fact the Local Growth Fund (LGF) had been committed and future funding was moving towards local authorities bidding for infrastructure funds.  BLTB had approved almost £173m of capital funds since it had been established in 2013 and it had been acknowledged that the programme had been well managed.  However, with the ending of LGF and other programmes capital funding for infrastructure would not be channelled through the LEP in future and BLTB would no longer have a role in making investment decisions.


(Nigel Nawacki joined the meeting)


There was still likely to be a role for BLTB and/or the informal Berkshire Strategic Transport Forum (BSTF) to provide a vehicle for sharing best practice, co-ordination and a pan-Berkshire voice on transport issues.  However, the formal governance arrangements and assurance structures as they currently existed would not be required.  There were residual issues to be resolved, including those discussed under the previous agenda item, therefore a BLTB meeting in November would be convened and at that meeting a decision would be made about whether the BLTB would continue or be merged into the BSTF.


Members recognised the value of a pan-Berkshire group focused on transport and infrastructure issues and commented that cross-boundary working would remain an important priority irrespective of the changing national and regional funding mechanisms.  Private sector members commented that if the funding decisions would no longer be made by BLTB it could make it more difficult to engage the private sector in what could be merely a discussion forum in future.  This was acknowledged and would need to be considered in whatever future group or bodies were put in place.


At the conclusion of the discussion the update was noted and it was agreed to reconsider the future structures at the meeting in November 2022.


Resolved –  That it be agreed to re-convene BTLB in November 2022 and at that meeting to take a decision on whether BLTB needed to continue or whether it could be merged into the activities of the Berkshire Strategic Transport Forum.